Sparkling wines

The crown of every wine production is sparkling wine, which requires the ultimate knowledge and care. Did you know that there are about 250 million bubbles in each bottle of champagne? There is something magical in these bubbles, and once you enter the sparkling world, you will always want to be in it.
Here you can see the offer of our sparkling wines and choose something for your taste.

Pavlomir San Marino
San Marino Pavlomir

TYPE: sparkling dry wine
SORT: žlahtina
VOLUME: 0,75 L

Yellow-green color with a very fine bubbliness. With a pleasant fruity aroma, sit goes well with many fish dishes and fine cheeses and prosciutto. Best served at 6 - 8°C. Very stylish and fresh. The only top sparkling wine of the Žlahtina sort. Produced by a traditional method, ageing on its own yeast for 1-2 years.
Pavlomir 1288


TYPE: sparkling dry wine
SORT: chardonnay 50%, pinot white 25%, žlahtina 25%
ALCOHOL: 13,5%
VOLUME: 0,75 L

It is distinguished by its freshness and fluttery. Strawish-yellow color. Served as an aperitif, but can also be served with main courses as with dishes such as young lamb or veal. It is ideal with oysters. Served at a temperature of 6 - 8oC.
Sparkling wine "1288", 2016 - gold medal - Vinistra 2016